Why Do We Need Court Reporters in LA?

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Los Angeles Court Reporters | Court Reporting Agency Los AngelesOften we hear people ask “With all of the new technology and voice recognition software, do we even need court reporters anymore?” We bristle a bit when we hear this—no one wants to be thought of as expendable, especially when it’s about a career for which education, training and experience is critical. But we not really too bothered because we know the answer and am confident of it: Yes, we do need court reporters. Live ones. Maybe now more than ever.   

Experienced LA Court Reporters

Voice recording and recognition technology are very far from being able to detect nuances in human speech. Think of spoken queries or commands to your smartphone or even when you have to press prompts on a telephone to get to a particular department you need. I am sure that these thoughts conjure up some funny memories (or perhaps frustrating ones) but can you imagine how that would wreak havoc on a legal proceeding? Would you want your case or that of a loved one in the hands of a machine to misinterpret or misrecord important testimony? These errors do not occur when the recording of testimony is done by skilled, experienced LA court reporters. Court reporters are also able to interpret small variations within language such as accents, speed, or sudden switches between English and one’s native tongue. Especially in a multi-cultural city like this, live, human Los Angeles court reporters are indispensable.

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The list of reasons for an accurate human reporter can go on, even with starting with the required swearing in to tell the truth, but the most important reason is to maintain and accurate written record. Judges rely heavily on the detailed written records that court reporters produce whether it’s for in court hearings or motions or depositions occurring in conference rooms across the city where our Los Angeles court reporters are working. Sound volume and technology fail, we all know that.  Judges, and all the parties to the litigation, need reliable transcription of the day’s events. What’s at stake is serious and often affects lives who are not even part of the lawsuit.  It’s not directions to the nearest restaurant that we are working on when we send out our Los Angeles court reporters.

And, in case you were worried that court reporting hasn’t moved along with the times. We are confident of that answer as well! Court reporters embrace technology—it has made records even more accurate and effective for lawyers. Among other benefits, technology today has made it so testimony is instantly translated from stenotype shorthand in real time for judges, lawyers and parties to access whether they are in the same room or across the globe.

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Really the best answer is that the combination of technological advances with the experience of our LA Court Reporters allows for a supremely accurate, timely recording of legal proceedings. Contact us to schedule your Los Angeles court reporter for transcription of testimony with unmatched accuracy.